hydrating + detoxifying FRAGRANCE for hair and/or body

Natural, oil-free, no dyes, parabens, sulfates, or phthalates

Ingredients include: argan oil, witch hazel water, aloe, grapefruit seed, rosemary and peppermint extracts, vegetable glycerin.

Dab on pulse points morning, noon and/or eve...Incredibly moisturizing, these fragrances will also help ease dry skin. Can also be used to combat frizzies and split ends. Perfect for travel. Planted in a fabulous floral gift box.

 I'm not here... solid fragrance:  Be anywhere you'd like to be... and take these fragrances (FAA approved travel-size) anywhere you go. Apply to pulse points whenever, wherever you need to be fabulously fragranced. Repeat as necessary. Can also be used as a hair pomade, will ease split ends and fly-aways. Each dressed up in its own stamped travel case.

 I'm not here... dry oil spray: Glistening, hydrating, life-altering JUST GLOW. How to make this happen: Gently mist this blend of exotic fragrances and essential oils all over for lit-from-within, sensuous, silky skin. Use as a room spray as well.