Traditional aromatherapy, made modern.

Lemons: happiness

Four leaf: luck

Cupid: love

Freud: clarity

Sharks: confidence

Sleep: calm

Carbs: resistance

Phoenix: optimism

The Concept: 8 aromatherapeutic formulations that address and offer guidance to modern frustrations. Each scent addresses a specific problem (stress, relationships, dieting...) of everyday life, in an amusing, slightly sardonic, laugh-through-it way that can actually help boost the psyche, empower, relax, or revive. And it will all come from you. You control your beauty, your mind, your destiny.

It's not magic; it just works.

Paraben, sulfate and phthalate-free. Never tested on animals.

  • Bubbles for bath and/or shower: Rich and incredibly emollient, just a small amount (less than two capfuls) will yield a virtual tower of suds. Seriously. At more than 13 fl. oz., this product will last a longer than most relationships.
  • Exfoliating body wash: gentle exfoliating beads mix with ultra-moisturizers to smooth away dry skin. Perfect for after workout shower. Great to use before shaving.
  • Hand/body lotion: a must have, perfect for layering. Delish - silkening all-over body lotion. Hydrating, moisturizing.

Collection includes:
Bath/Shower Gel: 13.61 fl oz/402.5 ml
Exfoliating Body Wash: 13.42 fl oz/397 ml
Hand/Body Lotion: 12.685 fl oz/375 ml