Copy of Think globally, bathe locally

Think globally, bathe locally is our commitment to socially, responsible showering.

We're reducing our carbon stiletto print + sustaining and giving back to local communities + global charities all from the comfort of a warm bath/shower.​

Sustainable, recyclable body care.


Mini collections are divided into geographic regions each infused with local ingredients, extracts and indigenous fragrance.

Collection will include: shampoo, conditioner, bath/shower gel, lotion, bath bombs, soaps, shower sprays and steamers, scrubs, lip balms and on and on...

A portion of all of the sales of the various collections go to help local charities associated with each specific region in which the products are placed.



Shampoo/condition/lather up here, improve access to clean water there.

Water is a right, not a luxury. So make yours a little more luxurious while helping to fight the water crisis.

A portion of the sales of these products will be donated to organizations working to provide clean water worldwide. 



Lather up/moisturize here, save elephants there.

Be a citizen of the world from the comfort of your bath/shower.

Soothing cocoa milk and argan oil combine to create a foaming, luxurious spa experience. Relax and know that you've made the world a little more elephant-ful.

A portion of the sales of these products will be donated to elephant conservancies.


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