Original bubbles for bath or shower almost 2 oz. travel-sized and ready to go - Not Soap Radio Singles

Original bubbles for bath or shower almost 2 oz. travel-sized and ready to go

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Original Minis Choose Original bubbles for bath or shower almost 2 oz. travel-sized and ready to go. $3.00 Take your pick.

botanically based

Infused with essential oils and aromatherapeutic extracts

cruelty free

Never tested on animals

safe and clean

All our products are SLS, paraben and phthalate free


Packaging is recycled or recyclable

Customer Reviews

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Christina K.
Perfect for travel

Take it anywhere to feel like smiling.

Yummy Fragrance.

Bathing With Sharks…. Unique, fresh, lively fragrance, beautiful blue color, perfect for any gender. I bought three of the bath/shower gel in the largest size for my young adult boys, added blue shower puffs, a perfect gift!

Tonia H.
Great size & scent

I love the scents. You only need a small amount. Great product.

Nicollee G.
Love the Bath and Body Collection

Made two orders so far and plan to make orders in the future including giving the bath and body collection as gifts! The wall mounted soap, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion is space saving as well as high quality. Is perfect in every home and RV.

Clare D.
I love the products I

I love the products I just feel like the trial sizes don’t make much bubbles in bath and fragrances aren’t as strong as in the full size bottles. Also had issue w conditioner leaking and thought I’d be getting replacement but haven’t gotten any response since I replied to request for photos stating I didn’t take any the outside box was t damaged the black tape just came off the conditioner bottle and conditioner leaked into the bubble wrap it was surrrounded in I should have taken photos but not really anything to take photos of, I don’t keep packaging in my house I immediately get rid of it because of COVID and didn’t realize at first how much conditioner got out. Still like products just disappointed appears not getting replacement conditioner because I didn’t think to take photos but I understand and I wouldn’t order travel sizes again as disappointed w their quality compared to the full size bottles I used when at tru hotel. I do love the products overall and Laura has been very nice and answered questions I’ve had also thanks